04/18/16 Jardine

PMD-021 “Jardine” by Painter is out now in both digital and 7inch red flexi formats!

4/14/16 Slow Rose

Slow Rose
PMD-029 Early copies of the new Slow Rose record will be available at their show tomorrow at Pehrspace. Cassette coming soon!

9/8/15 Living Can Wait

Post Life
P M D – 0 2 2, Post Life’s “Living Can Wait” cassette comes out this Friday, September 11. Pre-purchase available.

7/17/15 Congrats To the Wolf

This Saturday at Non Plus Ultra, Dirt Dress is playing its last show,
and for some ungodly reason this has driven me to editorialize. To me
music, all art for that matter, represents an opportunity to articulate
the gaps in the human experience that would otherwise remain disembodied
and inexpressible. The best of it speaks to the dim lit corners of our
conscious and unconscious selves. It impacts us profoundly and moves us
away from the senses by which we measure our everyday lives. Dirt Dress,
as a creative work, seizes that opportunity with the best of them. So whether
you are listening to the songs for the last time live on Saturday or on
your stereo hereafter, I ask you to consider this and to look at the conclusion
of Dirt Dress not solely as the end of a band but as the period on a completed
creative work. I’m confident that if you do, you will do what so many of us
have done over the years. You’ll go home, pick up your pen, your brush, your
scissors, your guitar, whatever it takes, and articulate your dark corners.
Just knowing that Johnny, Noah, Raymond, Jose, Sasami, and Tabor are out there doing the same thing, one can only imagine what will come next.

6/25/15 Real Corner Shock

PMD-020, “Real Corner Shock”, is a 14 song 1 sided LP by Trapsps.
Order now!

6/4/15 – Water Works

PMD-024 “Water Works” premiers at Pehrspace on June 8th.

3/27/15 – Life After

Thom Lucero
Post Life is playing a show every night this weekend. Two in Riverside and
one at the Smell. Follow the link for details.

1/26/15 Recreation

Turnbull Green’s 2nd record is now out on cassette as a co-release between Take A Record and ourselves. Follow the link above to listen to some tracks.

1/23/15 Rival

Trapsps is back from their NZ tour. The shows, recordings, people and bands were great. Also, as well, too… PMD-019 Comes out next Tuesday, “Jensen’s Recreation” by Turnbull Green.

8/22/14 Brambles

Photo above by Blaize Coppa. Trapsps plays August 27th and much much more. Wide Streets continues!. A new PMD published release is also coming in the next few months. Hit us up if you want to buy a limited edition Papermade t-shirt.

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