7/18/2014 Screened Trapsps

Trapsps t-shirts are now available for $10.

5/30/14 A Past Hatred Of The Future

The long awaited new cassette by Widestreets is now available! Make it so.

2/6/14 Pure Truth

“Pure Truth”, the new 7inch by Trapsps, is coming out this Saturday. You can
pre-order it now or pick it up from the band when they play the Smell, with
French Vanilla, Saturday night! Videos coming later today.

1/24/14 Gift Love

Four bands that you don’t give enough love to play Pehrspace on Feb 14th.
Courtaud and Bobtail, Turnbull Green, Wide Streets, and Smelveteen.

10/28/13 For Dedication

The “For Dedication” printed release by Trapsps is out. You can order
it now. Stay tuned as more videos and alt formats roll out.

8/30/13 Crush

5/24/13 Wide

Wide Streets has a new record out. Saga of the Bruja!

4/30/13 Coasts

Trapsps and Widestreets book for the west coast.

3/18/13 Gave

We’re giving here.  And we’re taking here

2/13/13 Publishing & Zine-fest

Visit the Papermade booth at the Los Angeles Zine-Fest, Feb.17th. To find
out more about our new printed releases click the PUBLISHED link above.




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